How do Dashboards differ from Alberta Financial Indicators?

Alberta Municipal Affairs creates "financial indicator graphs" for the provinces municipalities

Example: Rocky View County financial indicator graphs.

We have been asked, "How are Benchcube Dashboards different from the information provided by the Province of Alberta?"  (or similar programs, such as the Municipal Benchmarking Network).  First, before saying how we are different, we can say how we are the same: We belive that comparative analtyics are critical for better decision making in local governments.  How we differ is in our approach:

  1. Benchcube dashboards are dynamic and responsive.  They are not dead PDF charts.  When you click on something interesting in our dashboards you get more information.  You get to see the underlying causes.  If need be, you can drill all the way down to the underlying financial system data.
  2. We don't believe in rekeying data.  We import data from your existing financial systems and use proprietary algorithms to segment and classify each each account entry. There is no questionnaire spreadsheet to populate.

In short, we think our dashboards are easier for you to create and easier for your decision makers to use and explore.